Your Neighborhood Burning Man Inconvenience Store


Located in Black Rock City, District 2


Did you forget your soap at home and you're now stuck with the natural scent of 'get out of my tent, you smell'?  Are your lips cracked like the desert dust and in need of some balm? Maybe you’ve just crossed the sun-beaten playa, desperate to refuel with a light snack or carbonated drink? Or perhaps you just need some lube for your bike or the orgy dome? 

Well you're in luck! The playa does provide with a can’t do, fuck you attitude. Stop by Circle J™ for an irresponsible selection of products designed to make you feel like you're back in corporate ‘merica. With our location inconveniently located not near you, we're waiting to serve you with a frown that will turn your day upside down.


Sorry, we're open. Fuck you cum again!